How to Pay Attention in a Disruptive World

“Try to concentrate”, “Focus!”, “I can’t concentrate”, “Pay attention!”… How often do we repeat similar phrases? But do we really know what concentration is? Everyone has the ability to concentrate, but the surrounding environment has a decisive effect in facilitating or obstructing it. Many people complain about concentration problems, at school, at work, in social relationships and in simple everyday activities. Such difficulties are not caused by any strange anthropological transformations, but rather depend on how we organize the world around us. The author describes the factors that influence concentration, doing away with many false myths. The book is completed by a set of stratagems that help readers make use of what they have learned. Perfect concentration is within anyone’s reach, as long as one knows how to manage the environment.

Fabio Paglieri is a researcher at the Italian National Research Council’s Institute for Cognitive Sciences and Technologies in Rome.