Ageing and Longevity

Will We All Be Immortal?

Forever young! Whereas one’s official age is a question of mere arithmetic, the concept of ageing is fluid. Its definition is fluid, and so are its causes. Ageing is increasingly a matter of major importance from both an individual and a collective perspective. For centuries men and women have gulped down infusions and potions in an illusory quest for eternal youth. Today the elixir of long life is sought in our cells, as well as in lifestyle choices and environmental circumstances. The author focuses on six key questions: What does it mean to grow old? What are the genetic and contextual causes of ageing? What role do stem cells play in the ageing process? Can we change our DNA and turn back time? Does ageing necessarily involve greater fragility? Can healthy environments and lifestyles keep us young? The book provides an overview of ageing and longevity in the 21st century.

Isabella Saggio teaches Gene Therapy and Genetics at the Sapienza University in Rome.