Adolescence and Mood Disorders

How to Help Teenagers

Adolescence is one of the most complex phases of life, during which mood disorders can afflict young people’s lives. Anne, Stephen and Camille are some of the teenagers we learn about in this book, and what happened to them could be experienced in any family. Listening to children and observing them carefully means learning to welcome both their suffering and ours. Only with this sort of open attitude, along with the guidance of physicians and psychologists, will we be able to develop an effective therapeutic approach, draw youths out of their pathology and restore their lives.

Gabriele Sani teaches Psychiatry at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome. He is also the director of the Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli’s psychiatry operational unit.

Introduzione. Due storie - Capitolo 1: Umore, ma non solo - Capitolo 2: Come si manifestano i disturbi legati all'umore? - Capitolo 3: Quali possono essere le cause? - Capitolo 4: La diagnosi e i disturbi associati - Capitolo 5: Gesti estremi - Capitolo 6: I disturbi dell'umore possono essere trattati efficacemente - Capitolo 7: Il mondo instabile dei ragazzi con disturbi dell'umore - Per saperne di più