Growing Up

A Journey from Infancy to Adulthood

Striding forth confidently into the world on your own, learning self-control, assuming responsibility, acting kindly, respecting others’ space, mastering sincerity, becoming mindful citizens: these are the stages of the emotional and psychological journey towards adulthood. But it is an uphill journey, and our pace depends on the hills we encounter and the various challenges we meet. It has never been so difficult to associate adulthood to specific roles, and tomorrow it will be even more complicated. The author helps parents support their children and their growth in an environment undergoing constant change.

Anna Silvia Bombi formerly taught Developmental and Education Psychology at the Sapienza University in Rome.

Premessa - Capitolo 1: Il viaggio della vita - Capitolo 2: Avventurarsi nel mondo con fiducia - Capitolo 3: L'età del gioco e dell'obbedienza - Capitolo 4: Bambini, al lavoro! - Capitolo 5: Diritto di parola - Capitolo 6: Prepararsi a votare - Epilogo - Per saperne di più