A New Epoch for Earth, a Challenge for Humanity

We live in an era marked by an indelible human imprint. Global warming, abnormal biogeochemical cycles, loss of biodiversity, and irreversible transformations of habitats and landscapes have engendered completely new challenges. How do we feed a growing population without further impacting the environment? Which institutions should be assigned the task to oversee a connected and interdependent reality? In this world we alone are responsible for our actions. We can make the Anthropocene an opportunity to rethink our planet.

Emilio Padoa-Schioppa teaches Landscape Ecology and Biology Teaching at the Bicocca University in Milan, where he helped found the landscape ecology research unit. He is also president of the Italian Society for Landscape Ecology.

Introduzione - Capitolo I: Breve viaggio nel tempo profondo - Capitolo II: Il sistema Terra - Capitolo III: Gli equilibri modificati e l'impronta dell'uomo sull'ambiente - Capitolo IV: L'impatto dell'Antropocene sulla società - Capitolo V: Soluzioni e prospettive - Capitolo VI: Istituzioni ed economia per l'Antropocene - Conclusioni. La sfida ecologica - Per saperne di piu