Anxiety among Children and Adolescents

Recognising and Fighting It

Children sometimes get so worked up during a school exam or a sports competition that they are not able to complete them. Now and then they avoid confronting peers because they fear their judgment. At times they worry about the future and require constant reassurance. Among children and adolescents anxiety sometimes reaches exceedingly high levels and turns into a veritable disorder. This book provides an authoritative guide to understanding the causes and forms of anxiety and the most appropriate interventions for dealing with it.

Maria Pontillo is a cognitive and behavioural psychotherapist and a psychology manager at the Childhood and Adolescence Neuropsychiatry Division of the Bambino Gesù Paediatric Hospital in Rome. She also teaches advanced courses in Developmental Psychology and Cognitive Psychotherapy.

Stefano Vicari teaches Childhood Neuropsychiatry at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome and heads the Childhood and Adolescence Neuropsychiatry Division of that city’s Bambino Gesù Paediatric Hospital.

La storia di Chiara: quando l'ansia diventa un disturbo - Capitolo 1: Capire cos'è l'ansia - Capitolo 2: Quanti tipi di ansia e a quali età? - Capitolo 3: Dove nasce l'ansia? - Capitolo 4: La valutazione diagnostica - Capitolo 5: Le terapie - Capitolo 6: Alcuni consigli pratici per genitori e insegnanti - Conclusioni - Per saperne di più