Inattentive and Hyperactive Children

What Parents and Teachers Can Do

Some children struggle to pay attention, and they cannot control their impulsiveness nor respect rules at school, at play, and in group activities. Their behaviour is not caused by inadequate education nor excessive vivaciousness, and the solution to their problem does not lie in rebuke and punishment. They are affected by attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). What do we know about this condition? What are the most common treatments? What role can families and schools play in addressing the most unpleasant features of ADHD and leading children towards a more peaceful existence?

Gian Marco Marzocchi teaches Psychology of Disability and Educational Integration, as well as Applied Cognitive Development, at the Bicocca University in Milan.

Elena Bongarzone, a clinical psychologist, works with children affected by learning and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorders.

Introduzione. Abbiamo tutti un po'di Adhd - Capitolo 1: Mio figlio ha l'Adhd? - Capitolo 2: Osserviamo meglio il bambino con Adhd - Capitolo 3: Le cause del disturbo - Capitolo 4: La valutazione diagnostica - Capitolo 5: Come intervenire - Capitolo 6: Che cosa possono fare i genitori - Capitolo 7: Che cosa possono fare gli insegnanti - Informazioni utili