The Sunnites

Sunnism is one of the two major families into which Islam is divided. It includes 90% of all Muslims and represents, in many ways, orthodoxy with respect to the Shiite minority, which emerged after the civil strife triggered by the succession to the Prophet after his death. After having outlined the historical development of Sunnism and the role played by various dynasties, the book addresses the legal and doctrinal aspects characterizing the different schools of thought, and explains what Sunnites and Shiites share and what divides them. In this new edition, special emphasis is placed on the differing groups  which currently operate in the contemporary Sunnite world,  from reformist and moderate to conservative and radical to extremist movements who claim the return of the caliphate.

Massimo Campanini teaches Islamic Studies and History of Islamic Countries at the University of Trento.

Capitolo 1: Il sunnismo e i sunniti - Capitolo 2: La formazione storica del sunnismo - Capitolo 3: La teologia sunnita - Capitolo 4: Il sunnismo nel mondo moderno - Appendice. Traduzione del "Credo" di al-Ash'ari - Glossario - Per saperne di più