Inside the Sun

Plants, animals, and humans exist thanks to the small fraction of solar energy absorbed by the Earth. Sunlight allows our planet's surface to maintain a comfortable temperature, oceans to remain liquid, and the terrestrial crust not to dissolve. Moreover, the Sun controls our globe's climate, guides its winds and creates the environmental conditions in which we live. This book explains the Sun's magnetic fields and its explosive activity, as well as new trends in meteorology and climatology; in sum, it reveals the secrets of this great nuclear reactor.

Ester Antonucci used to teach Solar Physics at the University of Turin, where she also directed the Astrophysical Observatory. She has participated in major projects, such as the Solar Maximum Mission (SMM) and the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), and helped develop the future Solar Orbiter mission.

Capitolo I: L'interno del Sole - Capitolo II: L'atmosfera solare - Capitolo III: Il magnetismo solare - Capitolo IV: Il Sole attivo - Conclusioni - Per saperne di più - Glossario