It is tender and gracious, it rarely shows itself, but it must be taken into consideration because it is profoundly wise. It can be unpleasant for those who live with it, but it serves a fundamental function in the evolution of the species. Shy people are attentive and sensitive, at times they can exaggerate their use of caution, but rarely do they fail to perceive danger. For this reason they are never "extinct". Their prudent reluctance balances the heedless audacity of the brave and those who are sure of themselves. Not all cultures have penalized shyness, and in some historical periods it has been considered a virtue. This book is based on this theme, upon which psychology has recently dedicated much study.

Vanna Axia taught Children's Health Psychology at the University of Padua and directed several research projects in paediatric psycho-oncology.

Premessa - Capitolo 1: Punti di vista sulla timidezza - Capitolo 2: Timidezza ed emozioni: ppaura, imbarazzo e vergogna - Capitolo 3: Timidezza e inibizione - Capitolo 4: Timidezza e adattamento - Conclusione: il valore della timidezza - Per saperne di più