Mary Magdalene

Misunderstandings, Narratives, Representations

What is the current status of the favourite disciple, the authoritative woman, the apostle who believed and followed Jesus? The figure of Mary Magdalene has been much revised and diminished over the centuries and we now see her mainly as a repentant sinner, combining sensual beauty and bodily mortification. Exploring the “Magdalene affair” by probing the folds of history and the arts is a way to identify and do away with common misunderstandings and misdirection. This book rediscovers the decisive roles that women still await to play at the heart of Christianity, even though they were intimately involved in the latter’s origins.

Adriana Valerio formerly taught History of Christianity and Churches at the Federico II University in Naples and is a co-editor of the international and interdenominational “The Bible and Women” book project.